Sunday Solo Competition – May 29th

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday 29th May we have a Solo Competition at St. Andrews College covering grades B – Novice plus a Chanter event occurring.

Judges are David Burrows and Rowan Manson.

All are welcome to come along for a listen. We begin at 9.00am

Please find below a link for the schedule and entry form.

Entries can be placed with Fraser –

HPSC – Sunday Solo Piping Entry Form-04



2016 Solo Competitions Dates

The Highland Piping Society of Canterbury have proposed to have Solo Piping competitions on the following dates for the year.

Please note that these dates can be subject to change.

Sunday 3rd April 2016 – St. Andrews College

Sunday 29th May 2016 – St. Andrews College

Sunday 11th September 2016 – St. Andrews College

Sunday 10th July – Invitation Competition

Saturday 22nd – 23rd October 2016 –

Labour Weekend Silver Chanter Competition


Silver Chanter Competitions 2015 – Results

The weekend kicked off with a recital from the two Doctors – Dr. Angus MacDonald and Dr. Brendon Eade, ably supported by Ruairidh MacLean and George Grey. All playing superbly and entertaining the audience with both technique, tune selection and a few good stories as well. Our event competitions began Saturday morning for around 80 competitors with judges Angus MacDonald, Brendon Eade, Brian Switalla, Iain Hines and David Burrows.

The Silver Chanter March, Strathspey and Reel competition was held Saturday evening with Scott Marshall adjudged the Silver Chanter Winner, 2nd William Rowe, 3rd Tim Dudley and 4th John Wansink. On Sunday evening we held the Clasp, for former winners of the Silver Chanter. Each competitor is asked to submit four tunes of each time signature and the judges select two of each. From a field of 9 competitors our 2015 winner for 2015 is Liam Kernaghan with Stuart Easton 2nd and Alasdair MacKenzie 3rd.

We then wrapped the evening up with prize giving and an entertaining address to the haggis performed by Jamie McEwan.


2015 Clasp Winner Liam Kernaghan


Liam and Scott


2015Silver Chanter Winner Scott Marshall


HPSC Labour Weekend Event Timetable

Please find below a pdf of our estimated Labour Weekend event times. Those that paid for a program should receive an electronic version in the next 24 hours.

LW 2015 Timetable

The Doctors Recital – Dr. Angus MacDonald & Dr. Brendon Eade

The HPSC committee would like announce an up-coming recital featuring our highly respected international piping judge Dr. Angus Macdonald and New Zealand piping identity Dr. Brendon Eade.

The recital will be held at 7.30pm on the evening of Friday 23rd October at St. Andrews College senior college lounge. We will have a duty piper playing upon arrival and two others supporting our main guests.

We look forward to seeing you there.

LW Recital Flyer 2015


Sunday Solo Competition – All Grades

This Sunday we have a Solo Competition at St. Andrews College covering all grades which should prove a last run before Labour Weekend.

Judging are Rosie Hobbs, Liz Drury and Peter MacLean.

All are welcome to come along for a listen. We begin at 9.00am

Sunday Solo_18-Oct-2015

Date Change for Next Sunday Solo Competition

We have taken the move to push the next Sunday Solo Competition out a few weeks from September 27th to Sunday 18th October. This competition will include A, B, C, D, Novice and Chanter events.

Entries can be made with Fraser at


Also dont forget to enter for Silver Chanter Labour Weekend competitions.

2015 HPSC Silver Chanter Labour Weekend Schedule & Entry Form

We are very pleased to announce that our judges for this years HPSC Silver Chanter Competitions in Christchurch will be:

Dr Angus MacDonald – Scotland, Brendon Eade – Hamilton, Brian Switalla – Auckland, Iain Hines, Wellington and David Burrows – Kaiapoi

Attached are the playing schedule and entry form – Entries close off on Tuesday 29th September 2015


HPSC – SILVER_CHANTER Solo Piping Entry Form-1

HPSC – SILVER_CHANTER Solo Piping Entry Form-1

Sunday 26th July Invitational Competition

The Highland Piping Society of Canterbury in conjunction with the Canterbury Caledonian G1 Band are pleased to announce a new July solo piping competition. This invitational is aimed to provide those heading to Scotland this year an opportunity for quality competition prior to heading overseas.

Entry is free and we also intend to stream this competition live.

July Invitational Competition

HPSC Silver Chanter Labour Weekend Judges Announced

The Highland Piping Society of Canterbury are pleased to announce judges for our October Silver Chanter Labour Weekend Competitions;

Dr. Angus McDonald

Iain Hines

Brian Switalla

Brendon Eade

David Burrows